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"I want a website that inspires confidence in my clients".

Our web pages and stores are
Creative, modern and functional

Incorporate the latest developments in web development, positioning and legal regulations.

Dissenyem i desenvolupem pàgines web i botigues online modernes, creatives i funcionals, complint amb les normatives legals i les millors pràctiques de SEO per garantir una presència efectiva a Google.

100% responsive web

Development WordPress, Prestashop, etc.. with the best features and effects to offer an elegant and professional image that converts visitors into customers. Fully adapted to all devices: computers, tablets and smartphones.

Incorporating the most important practices for a good positioning on Google

Through a good architecture in the development of your website, a good SEO on page work (keywords and linkbuilding) and the creation of a sitemap with registration in Google Search Console.

In compliance with the Andorran and European data protection regulation

In addition to the inclusion of the Cookies Policy, the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy, all the Contact Forms include the first informative layer and the obligatory checkbox to request the collection of personal data.

Your website will be the best sales commercial with a professional image of your company.

I want a website where my products stand out from my competitors.

A web page that transmits trust New products and services

The importance of design

A good design provides confidence and shows the high quality standards of its owner.

A profitable website

You need to have a presence on the internet. But NOT in any way, not with any website.

The importance of image

Your products or services will be judged by the image that your website conveys.

Que serveixi as teus objectius

Your website will be used to compare the quality of your products or services with those of your competitors.

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Our latest projects

each page is different, pay only for what you need

We can include any of the elements or functions that you require

Your website is your business card, your shop window and will be visible to thousands of people.

still have doubts?


This is perhaps the first question that almost everyone asks when they think about having a website for their business. The answer is not simple, that’s why we customize each budget according to the features, elements and functions needed for your website.

When you receive the budget you will be able to see the detailed price of each of the components: sections, block, languages and any other functionality you have chosen.

To start you can opt for a One Page website that includes everything you need to have a complete website, it is fully operational and is much cheaper. This is a good option to start with, if you don’t have a lot of financial resources, since the webs are modular and you can always add more sections as your business grows.

The domain is the name of your website, it can be .ad .com .ad .org .tech etc, each time there are more types. Our domain is .com.

If you don’t have one yet, the best thing to do is to choose a name that is easy to remember. We can help you to choose a good domain, manage the purchase and subsequent renewals. Remember that it has to be renewed every year.

Web hosting is where the files and data that make up the website are stored. They are hosted on computers called Servers.

You can host your website on any hosting of your choice. If you decide to host it with us, the price varies depending on the needs of your website. We work with providers in Andorra, Spain, France and Germany.


If you already have your own hosting or you prefer to manage it yourself, we will only need the connection data to install the web at your hosting, with your domain, when the web is finished.

When you have the SSL certificate, a chain is shown in the top bar, in front of the web name. It is a security protocol that allows the transmission of data between the server and the web users (user names, passwords, …) to be completely encrypted or encrypted.

All the web sites hosted on our servers have SSL included.

Of course, many professional clients and entrepreneurs, first ordered a One Page Website, to present their products or services. A One Page is a complete Web in all its functionalities and that allows to have a presence on the Internet and, therefore, to be found by our potential customers.

As it is a modular Web, later on, at any time, we can add independent sections to deepen and widen the contents. This is how some of our clients have done it.

Corporate colors and logo:
If you have no logo or brand dossier, we can help you find the perfect professional for your case.

The sections into which your website will be divided, the texts and photos you want to include:
It is important that you generate the content for your website in an original way. Copying content from other websites, not only exposes you to be reported for copyright infringement, but Google can detect duplicate content on your website and penalize you for it.

Even if it takes a little more time, we encourage you to write original and unique texts, so you ensure the best result for your page.

Your contact information:
Your address, telephone, email or others.

Contact form fields:
Data that you want to ask your potential customers and that must be included in the Contact form.

Yes, you have up to 3 revisions to suggest us how you like the web and the changes you want.

The payment method is by bank transfer. Once our budget is accepted, we will send you a service contract that you will have to sign again, which contains all the conditions agreed to protect both parties. Then, we will ask you to make the first payment of 35%, and the rest when your website is up and running. If the development takes longer, we will ask you for a second payment of 35% in the middle of the timeline.

Web pages created by Undercoverlab are owned by the customer once paid for.

You will only have to pay, as we have explained above, the amount of the domain renewal, and the hosting, if it is managed and hosted on our servers.

And if you don’t want to worry about it, you can contract with us our maintenance service so that our team takes care of keeping your website up to date both technically and in terms of contents;

During the development process of the website you can make all kinds of suggestions and changes according to the limits set in the service contract. Once finished and put on the internet, we give our work for finished.

However, if over time you want changes in the design, additions of sections, texts or photos, you can do it, but they will be subject to a new budget.